Saturday, June 26, 2010

and so we begin

I have always wanted a blog.
Ever since the days of Xanga I've been interested in writing and publishing my work.
So it begins tonight, a Saturday at the end of June 2010:

I spent this last week in Aldama, Mexico with a group from Christ Community Church (Chicago Illinois) and the faithful staff of Way of the Cross Ministries

it was beautiful.

We shared the gospel with villages that are very poor by our standards.
A church was built.
VBS was done.
Evangecubes were utilized.
Testimonies were shared.
Children and adults alike put their trust in Jesus Christ.

While we were in Aldama we stayed at a camp in the mountains, a very peaceful place that you can get away from day to day distractions and hear from God.
Tonight I wanted to share a journal entry from the morning of June 24th.
I wrote this entry after struggling with my calling in my life.

I was wondering if I was selling my life short by not surrendering to full time mission work.

God answered me that morning.
This journal entry is the catalyst for this blog:

"I may not be a Missionary but I am at the front lines of people's souls every Sunday morning.
Every meeting.
Every phone call
Every conversation.

There is eternal life in the balance.

You (God) haven't called me to the mission field to pioneer new areas 24/7 but to try and reconcile those who have ran away from You and live in the world.

My job is to proclaim You as Supreme, as the ultimate thing in life.

The culmination of our joy.
The epitome of our being.
You are God.
I am a mouthpiece.

People sometimes love it, other times they hate it.
Don't let my age or background be a hindrance.
Don't let me be a stumbling block.
Let me preach with joy and let me live my life with the joy that You have given me Father. Thank You! Thank You! I shout and say thank You Father! Amen! Amen! And amen!"

I was on a mountain top (literally) as I wrote this and it seemed so simple to follow what God has planned for me in my life.

...if it were only that easy...

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  1. I really, really like this blog. You have totally decribed who you are in Christ.That is why you have peace.